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All lotteries have been drawn for Something Rotten on Broadway. 

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Questions That We Expect May Be Asked. Frequently.

Online lottery? SWEET! How do I enter?

Fill out the form above and hit the “Submit” button! Yep, that’s it. You don’t even need to get out of bed. We’ll notify winners and those who didn’t win (y’know, the losers) via email at 12:00PM the day before the performance. Don’t even think about entering twice for the same performance; we’ll discard duplicates.

It's 12:00PM the day before performance time and I haven't gotten an email yet! What gives?!

You know what's embarrassing? Getting all riled up about not getting an email, then checking your spam folder or that promotions tab in G-Mail and seeing that you actually got it. Boy, your face must be red now! If, though, you don't find the email in one of those places, then there's a tiny chance that we screwed up. Email us at to let us know.

Holy cow! I won tickets! Now what?

Here's what you need to know:

  1. You’ll need to purchase your tickets using the link in the email you received no later than 10:00pm EST on the day PRIOR to the performance. Extra Ticketmaster fees will apply during purchase.
  2. Your tickets may be in the boxes or somewhere else depending on availability. We’ll surprise you.
  3. Your tickets will most likely be partial view and there is a chance that pairs may be split up.
  4. You can’t transfer tickets to other performances.

Got all that? Now head to the click the link in your email to purchase your $35 tickets!

And GUESS WHAT?! Beginning on Friday, August 26th, 2016, we will be offering winners the opportunity to upgrade to REALLY SWEET seats for the low price of $49!

Questions about this AWESOME upgrade? Email us at

Ah crap, I lost! Now what?

Maybe get some takeout and stay home for the night? I hear there’s a CSI marathon on USA. Or, head to the St. James Theatre box office to see if they have any rush tickets available for $35 each. Whatever happens, you should enter the lottery again tomorrow. Just try not to lose this time. Loser.

Did you find the explanation above too straightforward? Prefer your rules in labyrinthine legalese? Click here for the full terms and conditions. Still have questions? Email us at

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